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Up early as I have a big day in the final chapter of my journey.  Tough climbing right at the start of the day up Jay Peak.  I was fortunate to find a maintenance worker who let me in to the ski lodge at the summit of Jay to make a call to Bill to arrange to be picked up at the end of the trail this evening.  If I didn’t reach him, Plan B was to hike/hitch to Newport and catch the bus tomorrow morning.

I hung out on Jay Peak enjoying both the view south of where I had hiked as well as the view north into Canada.  It is amazing how flat the terrain becomes a few miles into Canada.  Quite a contrast with the view south.  They turned on the chair lift and the tourists are coming so I need to get on my way.  I hiked over Doll Peak and North Jay Peak and then had lunch at the clearing where the Shooting Star Shelter used to be.

Mark Washburn at Journey's End

At Journey's End

In the afternoon, an ironman who had passed me climbing Jay mentioned that he had been to the terminus at the Canadian border and left a surprise there for me.  I climbed over Burnt Mountain and Carleton Mountain in the afternoon before reaching the Canadian border about 4:30 pm.  The temperature was very hot and there was no water since the Jay Ski Lodge so I was extremely thirsty.   To bad there is not a river separating the US and Canada at this location.

US Canada Border Marker

US Canada Border Marker

There is a sign and a granite marker (line post 592) and a nice east-to-west view of the border.  I found a power bar that the iron man had left for me on the granite marker that was a nice surprise.

Northern Terminus of the Long Trail

Northern Terminus of the Long Trail

There is another 1.3 miles on Journey’s End trail to reach the parking lot where I am meeting Bill.  I reached the parking lot after 6:00 pm and was excited to see Bill and really excited that he had a two-liter bottle of lemon seltzer water and ice cubes waiting for me.  I am now at the end of a wonderful journey and hope that I can get back out in the woods very soon.

Hiked 12.9 miles today.


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