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Rained last night and this morning.  I slept in this morning in my tent until the rain let up enough to make a run  for it.  Spent the morning getting really soaked from all the wet branches.  At about 11:00 am the sun came out and we had a beautiful day.  Had lunch at Battell Shelter and got great pleasure out of changing into dry socks.  The highlight of the day was climbing Mount Abraham and enjoying the fantastic 360° views.  This is my favorite spot on the trail so far.  Enjoyed walking along the ridge all afternoon.  I got a little lost at the Sugarbush Ski Area missing a turn of the LT as it left a ski trail and having to backtrack up a very steep hill.

Starks Nest at Mad River Glenn Ski Area

Stark's Nest at Mad River Glenn Ski Area

I arrived at the Stark’s Nest on Mad River Glenn Ski area just before 8:00 pm.  The Stark’s Nest  is a ski-warming hut that was recently rebuilt. Stoney and another couple are here as well.  Great views, a fabulous sunset and a fireworks show that looks to be coming from Derby.  Awesome day!

Hiked 13.8 miles today.

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I slept in this morning as I really liked the Boyce Shelter as it is up high off the ground and quite clean.  Hiked this morning to the Emily Proctor Shelter for a brief rest.  Had lunch at a beautiful spot on top of Mount Roosevelt called Killington Lookout.  Awesome view as it was very clear today.   Also on the cool side, a perfect hiking day.

Arrived at the Cooley Glen Shelter at about 4:30pm and decided to call it a day.  I would have pushed on but spoke to a group of south bounders who didn’t see any camping spots north of here and I didn’t think that I could make the next shelter.  There is a camp group of 14-15 year olds here who have been very entertaining tonight.  These kids are all very rich from places like Scarsdale, Potomac, Bloomfield and the Mainline.  Also a boy named Ray from Gongdong China who said that he liked talking to me instead of the immature kids in his camp group.  I am putting up my tent as this group has pretty much overrun the shelter.  I am hiking much better than I was earlier in my trip.  My knee feels much better and I am confident that I can finish the trail.  I hope to have a big day tomorrow.

Hiked 9.5 miles today.

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