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I slept in this morning as I really liked the Boyce Shelter as it is up high off the ground and quite clean.  Hiked this morning to the Emily Proctor Shelter for a brief rest.  Had lunch at a beautiful spot on top of Mount Roosevelt called Killington Lookout.  Awesome view as it was very clear today.   Also on the cool side, a perfect hiking day.

Arrived at the Cooley Glen Shelter at about 4:30pm and decided to call it a day.  I would have pushed on but spoke to a group of south bounders who didn’t see any camping spots north of here and I didn’t think that I could make the next shelter.  There is a camp group of 14-15 year olds here who have been very entertaining tonight.  These kids are all very rich from places like Scarsdale, Potomac, Bloomfield and the Mainline.  Also a boy named Ray from Gongdong China who said that he liked talking to me instead of the immature kids in his camp group.  I am putting up my tent as this group has pretty much overrun the shelter.  I am hiking much better than I was earlier in my trip.  My knee feels much better and I am confident that I can finish the trail.  I hope to have a big day tomorrow.

Hiked 9.5 miles today.

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