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Out of bed by 6:30 am and on the trail by 8:00 am.  Made a wrong turn onto a side trail and hiked an extra mile out of my way.  In the process, I fell on a wet rock and banged my elbow pretty good.  Got back on the trail but was somewhat down after my wrong turn and spill.  Warm humid day and no rain, which was a nice change.

B.J. The Bear and Kirk at the Clarendon Shelter

Kirk and B.J. The Bear at the Clarendon Shelter

Reached the beautiful Clarendon Gorge and walked over a scary suspension bridge.  BJ the Bear was sitting on the other side of the gorge putting away his food drop.  I found a $5 bill on the side of Route 103 while walking with BJ to the Whistle Stop, a restaurant ½ mile from the trail.  Had a tasty cheeseburger and 2 diet Pepsis.  Wow, real food was awesome!  Hiked up a really tough hill on the other side of route 103 with BJ and arrived at the Clarendon Shelter.

Slo Toe, Pokey and Gumby from Indiana

Slo Toe, Pokey and Gumby from Indiana

Kirk was already at the shelter and then a father and two sons from Indiana, Slow Toe, Pokey and Gumby showed up.  Pokey and Gumby were quite an amazing story, two 7-year-old twin boys who were thru-hiking the LT.  A salty old Vermonter showed up at the shelter on an RV to keep us company.  I really enjoyed the second half of my day after the slow start.  Sleeping in the shelter tonight with a few very friendly mosquitoes.

Hiked 8.7 miles today.


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It rained throughout the night and in the morning.  Taking down the tent and packing up in the rain is the pits.   It cleared up by late morning and actually turned out to be a very nice day.  I was tired all day and hiked rather slowly.  Climbed over Baker Peak and White Rocks Mountain.  The hiking was moderate all day and I hiked for 11 hours today.  Met some interesting people including Stoney, who is from VT and spent the past 8 years hiking across Siberia and then down to Laos, Cambodia and Viet Nam.

Rock art on the Long Trail

Rock art on the Long Trail at junction with spur trail to White Rock Cliffs

Arrived late at the crowded Greenwall Shelter so I put up my tent behind the shelter in the dark.  Hopefully, everything will dry out tonight.  I listened to the Red Sox game before falling asleep.

Hiked 13.8 miles.

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