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It rained throughout the night and in the morning.  Taking down the tent and packing up in the rain is the pits.   It cleared up by late morning and actually turned out to be a very nice day.  I was tired all day and hiked rather slowly.  Climbed over Baker Peak and White Rocks Mountain.  The hiking was moderate all day and I hiked for 11 hours today.  Met some interesting people including Stoney, who is from VT and spent the past 8 years hiking across Siberia and then down to Laos, Cambodia and Viet Nam.

Rock art on the Long Trail

Rock art on the Long Trail at junction with spur trail to White Rock Cliffs

Arrived late at the crowded Greenwall Shelter so I put up my tent behind the shelter in the dark.  Hopefully, everything will dry out tonight.  I listened to the Red Sox game before falling asleep.

Hiked 13.8 miles.


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Caught the 7:30 am bus and arrived back in Manchester at 10:30 am.  Made some phone calls then easily caught a ride and was back to the trail by noon.  The weather was perfect today.  My pack is much lighter, I can sip water whenever I want, it isn’t raining and my knee feels better with the brace.  Climbed three peaks today: Bromley Mountain where I had lunch in the tower; Styles Peak and Peru Peak.  Today was by far my best hiking day.

Bromley Mountain Summit

Bromley Mountain Summit

Arrived at Peru Peak Shelter and it was packed.  Moved on to Griffith Lake Tenting Area and found an empty platform.  The home-made Foster Can wind screen/stand for my alcohol stove did not work so BJ the Bear who was also here let me borrow his stand.  I am going to cut some bigger holes in the can tomorrow to see if this helps.  I like sleeping in the tent much more than the “crowded” shelters.  It really does not make much sense to come to the woods and then crowd into a small structure with lots of other people.  BJ the Bear and Kirk, an AT thru hiker, were admiring my Stephenson warmlite tent, which is very light for its size.  I listened to the Red Sox game on my walkman before going to bed.

Hiked 10.3 miles today.

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