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Started the day leisurely as I was only going as far as Route 4/The Long Trail Inn.  Relatively easy hike today down from Killington and over Pico Mountain to the Inn.

Arrived about 12:30 pm and who was sitting at the bar but BJ the Bear.  Had the Irish beef stew for lunch.  Called Christine and much to my surprise, we had a room reserved at the Long Trail Inn as everything in Brandon was booked.  My day was now much easier as I will not have to hitch or take two buses to Brandon.

I met Hungry Howie at the Inn and took his picture.  I am admirer of Hungry Howie and had picked much of my gear after reading his advice on  Wingfoot’s AT thru-hike bulletin board.

Hungry Howie

Hungry Howie

Went in to Rutland on the shuttle bus to re-supply and get the strap on my pack fixed.  Had dinner and watched the band at the Inn while waiting for Christine and Samantha.  They arrived at about 10:30 pm.  It was great to see them after being away for two weeks.

Hiked 6.3 miles today.

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A really pleasant day.  Not as humid as yesterday and no rain again.  The mosquitoes were really bad in the shelter last night, I sleep much better in the tent.

Started on the trail just after 8:00 am.  The morning hike was flat and easy.  Had lunch at Governor Clement Shelter with Kirk and BJ.  Found some “trail magic” courtesy of Gnome today, cans of cola in a stream.  The soda was most refreshing.  The afternoon hike up Killington was brutal, straight up on rocks and roots forever.  It appeared to be a newly cut trail that had not yet been “broken in” and was by far the toughest section of trail that I had yet encountered.

I am camping on a platform near the top of Killington (2nd highest peak in VT) behind Cooper Lodge.  I bid farewell to BJ the Bear, who is pushing on and who’s company I have enjoyed so much these past few days.  He is doing the AT and the trail splits up ahead.  What could be better, camping on top of a mountain with solitude and a Davidoff cigar, the Red Sox game on the Walkman, and dinner of couscous and sun-dried tomatoes.  I am pooped and will turn in early.

Hiked 10.1 miles today.

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