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Walked around Montreal for quite a while trying to find a laundromat, but nothing is open in Montreal on a Sunday morning.  We rode the subway from the hotel to the Olympic stadium and purchased tickets for the game.  Had a fantastic omelet before the game at a nearby restaurant called Moe’s.  Olympic Stadium, which was quite a dump, was open early and they let fans go onto the field.  The Red Sox won the game 8-5. Chris Stynes hit 2 home runs and the highlight was Rich Garces bunting into a double play.  Rode the subway back to the car and Bill & I left Bob in Montreal.

Bill dropped me off at a hotel in Burlington near the bus station.  I gave Bill some stuff to lessen my pack weight including my fleece, rain pants, and Whisperlite stove.  Found an open laundromat and cleaned my clothes.  Got some pizza and watched Andy Griffith on Nick at Night.

Hiked 0 miles today.

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