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Unbelievably hot morning and took my time getting going.  Walked past the Ithiel Falls Camp Meeting Ground, which was quite the major religious camp.  Made it to Round Top Shelter for lunch.  This is a very modern shelter with a skylight.  Took a mid-day nap to escape the heat.  Pushed on in the afternoon and hiked over Laraway Mountain, which was a fairly easy climb and had a great lookout with a bit of a breeze.

Long Trail Rock Cave

Long Trail Rock Cave

Cruised into Corliss Camp as darkness was approaching at about 8:30 pm.  The Northrops were there as well as 2 south bounders.  Had a long chat with Bob Northrop about everything.  He is a very interesting man.  Active with the GMC, retired teacher, President of and electric co-op and originally from Belmont Massachusetts.  Saw a porcupine today on Laraway Mountain.  Unbelievably, my first interesting wildlife sighting.

Hiked 11.7 miles today.

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