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Up early and cooked a hot breakfast.  Today was a great day!  Although a little hot, I was up on a ridge most of the day with strong breezes.  Stopped for lunch and a nearly three hour rest at Sucker Brook Shelter.  Pushed on and had heavy rain in the afternoon when I reached Middlebury Snow Bowl Ski Area.   Went for the first swim of my hike in the rain at Lake Pleiad.  This really cooled me off and inspired me to push on.  Marched on and arrived late at Boyce Shelter out of water, tired and hungry.

This is the second straight night that I have a shelter to myself and I only saw 3 hikers all day on the trail.  I had an awesome day and am quite excited as this shelter is the halfway point of the Long Trail.

Hiked 13.9 miles today.


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No rain last night, my tent is now the driest that it has been since I started.  The black flies were swarming this morning so I skipped breakfast and moved on out as soon as possible.  Hiked from Green Road to David Logan Shelter in the morning.  It is very hot also humid.  Took break from heat at shelter and then moved on for Sunrise Shelter. Saw only 5 other hikers during the entire day.  What a difference from before when the AT and LT share the same path.

Arrived at Sunrise Shelter at about 4:45 pm and decided to call it a day.  I am totally exhausted from the heat and believe it or not miss the cool rainy weather from the first week of my journey.  Had an early dinner and have the shelter to myself tonight.

Hiked 10.1 miles today.

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